World security experts highly appreciated active anti-killing from PBF Group

The world security expert, former The Washington Post journalist Brian Krebs wrote an article about a new innovative device for detecting protection against skimmers - Smart Shield Detector. The detector is a device with a numerical indicator, indicating whether there is an anti-killing defense in the ATM.
The detector was tested at two ATMs, one of which was empty, and the other was installed StopSkimmer 3.0 from PBF Group.
Smart Shield Detector clearly identified the presence of StopSkimmer 3.0. The number 15 and above indicates the reliable protection of the ATM, and this is at the power of the field in the standby mode of the card, which is much smaller than the operating mode of the field emission by the active anti-smoker StopSkimmer 3.0. This result warns intruders that it is better to leave this ATM and find a less secure device. Conversely, figures between 3-5 mean that the ATM is ripe for compromise.
Summarizing, we can say that scammers inventing such devices, still try to find more convenient and easy ways of stealing bank data. And they are unlikely to want to communicate with well-protected ATMs, having such detectors available.
Full version of the article by reference https://krebsonsecurity.com/2017/12/anti-skimmer-detector-for-skimmer-scammers/

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