Number Black Box attacks increased by 307% 23.10.2017

Number Black Box attacks increased by 307%

The European Transaction Security Association (EAST) recently released a fresh report, which points to a significant increase in the Black Box attacks.
The report says that for the first half of 2017, 114 cases of Black Box attacks were registered in 11 countries of the continent. This is 307% more compared to the same period (28 in 2016).
In general, the number of attacks on ATMs in Europe increased by 10%, reaching 11,934. This increase was mainly due to an increase in cases of unauthorized cash withdrawals by 88% (from 4,840 to 9,081 incidents).
Physical attacks associated with ATMs and terminals have grown by only 6% compared to the first half of 2016 - up to 1,7 thousand cases. The losses amounted to 12, 2 million euros.
According to the executive director, EAST Laklan Gann, the sharp increase in the volume of the Black Box attacks is due to the ongoing trend, scheduled this year. "The Panel of Experts on Terminal Fraud actively monitors all logical threats with regard to payment terminals and - more broadly - the entire banking infrastructure," Gunn said.

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