NCR SelfServ 83 with 19-inch screen already in Russia 11.10.2017

NCR SelfServ 83 with 19-inch screen already in Russia

NCR has released an improved model of SelfServ 83 ATM with a 19-inch touchscreen, instead of the standard configuration with a 15-inch screen. PBF Group, the official partner of NCR in Russia, already now has the opportunity to present a new device to its customers.
A new wide 19-inch multi-touch display, which installed in SelfServ 83, will allow you to interact with the ATM like with the tablet device. One finger movement can increase the text that appears on the screen, which is common for tablet users and mobile phones. In addition, a large screen will be convenient for people with reduced vision. The magnification and high resolution of the image screen are clearer and contrastier than the standard model.Recall, NCR SelfServ 83 represents a new generation of self-service devices with a recycling function. The ATM is equipped with a module for recycling banknotes and cassettes of increased capacity.

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