Black Box, TRF - what attacks are still popular today? Updated EAST Report for 2017 23.08.2017

Black Box, TRF - what attacks are still popular today? Updated EAST Report for 2017

EAST has published its second European Fraud Update for 2017. This is based on country crime updates given by representatives of 21 countries in the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA), and 5 non-SEPA countries, at the 42nd EAST meeting held at Europol on 7th June 2017.

Payment fraud issues were reported by ten countries.  One country reported a new fraud type where the card Primary Account Number (PAN) is compromised in China, leading to fraud in China.
nother country reported data compromise due ‘vishing’ attacks (voice phishing), ‘phishing’ websites and ‘SMiShing’ (SMS phishing).  The EAST Payments Task Force (EPTF) is looking at security issues affecting payments with a view to the gathering, collation and dissemination of related information, trends and general statistics.

ATM malware and logical security attacks were reported by fifteen countries.  To date in 2017 EAST has published ten related Fraud Alerts.  Two of the countries reported ATM malware and fourteen reported the usage (or attempted usage) of ‘black-box’ devices to allow the unauthorised dispensing of cash.  Five countries reported ‘black box’ attacks for the first time, further indication that this attack type is continuing to spread.

International skimming related losses were reported in 49 countries and territories outside of the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) and in 9 within SEPA.  The top three locations where such losses were reported are the USA, Indonesia and the Philippines.

Eight countries reported incidents of Transaction Reversal Fraud (TRF).  One country reported a significant increase in such attacks and two countries reported such attacks for the first time.

Ram raids and ATM burglary were reported by nine countries and nine countries reported explosive gas attacks.  To date in 2017 EAST has published nine related ATM physical attack alerts.  The use of solid explosives continues to spread and six countries reported such attacks.  This is of increasing concern to the industry due to the risk to life and to the significant amount of collateral damage to equipment and buildings.

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