ATM fraud in Russia in 2017: what to fear?

The report on ATM fraud in Russia for the first quarter of 2017 was prepared by the experts of ATM Group ARCHE and is based on data provided by banks and certified users at the AUM Security Forum.
According to the information provided, the number of cases of skimming in comparison with 2016 decreased by 64%. Attacks such as the Black Box also tend to decrease - 64%. However, in the 1st quarter of 2017, it is possible to observe an increase in incidents related to the seizure of cash in Moscow and the Moscow Region. In addition, a new kind of TRF attack was detected, and successful cases of hacker attacks were noted.
Statistics show that due to opposition from the banking sector, the number of skimming and Black Box attacks is steadily declining. PBF Group actively promotes the tasks of increasing the level of security, providing its customers with reliable means of protection against card fraud.

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