How many banks have lost from card skimming in 2016?

The management of PBF Group took part in the meeting of the Expert ATM group of MMA. A report on ATM fraud for 2016 was presented at the meeting. The report based on the European Association for Secure Transactions (EAST).

According to EAST statistics, the number of reported cases of fraud on financial self-service devices in 2016 increased by 26% compared to 2015. During 2016, 23,588 fraudulent attacks were registered, of which 3,315 of which accounted for card skimming.
Despite the fact that the number of recorded skimming incidents tends to decrease, financial losses from this type of fraud remain prevalent. In 2016, total losses from ATM fraud amounted to more than 332 million euros, and 96% of this amount (320, 177, 242 million euros) accounted for losses from card skimming.
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