27 crimes related to Black Box attacks are revealed 20.07.2017

27 crimes related to Black Box attacks are revealed

The European Union's police security service, Europol, announced that 27 arrests related to Black Box attacks had been committed. The arrests were carried out throughout Europe: the Czech Republic, Estonia, France, the Netherlands, Romania, Spain and Norway. It is reported that the attacks were committed by criminals from Romania, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine.
The latest statistics from the European Security Group (EAST) for 2016 show that the number of Black Box attacks increased by 287%, from 15 attacks in 2015 to 58 attacks in 2016.
Black Box-attacks are made by connecting an unauthorized device to an ATM, which allows sending cash dispenser commands to it. In order to physically connect such a device, scammers need to access the upper cabinet of the ATM. Opening of the upper part of the cash dispenser takes place by drilling or melting holes.
We can say that today the Black Box is a "developing trend" among the existing types of attacks. In order to secure the ATM, special attention must be given to the physical side of protecting the ATM.
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